1 June 2010

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Good old Graham sent to me, last evening, the Mugs Guide, for entering the text of this blog. It was a brilliant piece of work and I found the process extremely  simple. I only wish I’d had this instruction before and could have saved Richard a great deal of aggravation.

Having now mastered the text entries the next challenge will be the add-on – Anecdotes, Jokes, Photos and Videos. With this in mind I’m listing a number of these in this entry. However, I warn the reader that they will not go live until they are highlighted in red. In other words as I am further instructed by Graham on each of these they will hopefully get added. So here goes:


‘ How to tell a joke’ Very amusing.

‘ Great shots from space 1 – for you  Outer space geeks this PowerPoint presentation is a must.


‘ To good not to share’ Some amusing cartoons

‘ Cinderella is now 95 years old’ –a clever punchline

‘ Golf story’ Golfers never tire of them

‘ Irish college entrance exam questions’ politically non-correct and why always the irish?


‘ The joys of ageing’ Some amusing cartoons at our expense (the elderly). We can take it.

‘ Dog, cat or man’ who was the man’s best friend?

‘ Honey I fixed it’ A new one.

‘JK -beautiful pictures’ A great PowerPoint slide presentation


‘iThe Flea’’ Dustin Hoffman tries his hand at being a comic.

‘ Global village 2’ Staggering statistics to put YOU into perspective.

‘ ‘Instructional video’1 A chauvanistc view of the ladies – tongue in cheek, I might quickly add! ’

Sarah Moss, are lovely OT, came this afternoon to check out the wet room and see how we were coping. As we are knows to look forward with the ramps had to go through each of the places where they will require and in particular change the specification for the leading into the office. The original idea of the people wanted to put something permanent and concrete which would require a great deal of ground cost £500. All we wanted was a removable wooden piece of decking..

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