2 June 2010

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A wheelchair day. Holly’s, who provide NHS wheelchairs, bought a splendid aluminium wheelchair which conveniently folds up and will fit neatly into the boot of a car. This will be particularly useful, in a couple of weeks or so, when we go to Cornwall, for example. Then, believe it or not, two of Holly’s assessors, Mark and Alison, arrived with a wonderful electric wheelchair which I will be able to use outside. They were both really nice and helpful and gave me a great confidence in being able to use this wheelchair once they have made one or two little adjustments to it to personalise it for my particular disability. A brilliant service. Whilst I am currently able to operate the chair with my right hand, if it weakens the point where this is not possible then apparently I will be able to have something attached to my chin to achieve the same objective. The great thing about this particular wheelchair is that it tilts up high enough for me to step straight into my pulpit frame. It’s going to give me a far greater degree of independence and will mean, for example. that I will be able to go out to take the air on a warm summer’s afternoon totally unaccompanied. Of course, much depends upon how much walking I can do, with or without the pulpit frame, once the cast comes off but, whatever the situation, I now have a series of alternatives to leading a more independent life

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