3 June 2010

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Sarah Moss, our lovely OT, came this afternoon to check out the wet room and see how we were coping. In particular, I was anxious to sort out  the ramp situation.

Until this is resolved and they are in position I cannot resume working in the office, either with the frame or wheelchair.. We looked at  each of the places where ramps will be required and, in particular, changed the specification for that leading into the office from an ugly permanent concrete ramp, penetrating halfway across the lawn, to a removable triangular hardwood decking one. Even if I am still able to walk, after the cast is removed, I would have difficulty in managing the steps, deckinging will still be necessary.

Our good and faithful plumber Derek (Pallett) popped in today to give a second opinion on the remedial work required in the wet room, in particular, to the raised Biobidet which is leaking. We were delighted to see that Derek was looking very sprightly now that his ankle has finally healed  and we are extremely fortunate to have the benefit of his services. He knows every pipe, valve and joint in this ancient house with all their peculiarities.



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