12 June 2010

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I was looking at last year’s diary for March, around the date of our 46th wedding anniversary, and was amazed to find that there is a complete bank between the 8th.and 25th. of that month. I thought at first it was an entry I may have sent to Richard that got lost somehow and that I would find it in my own copy but no, absolutely nothing. Yet when I look at my diary there was much going on.

9 March was my grandson young Sebastion’s 8th. Birthday

10 March I went to the Law Court Branch of the Arbitration Club in London.

11 March Gavin from Able2 came to the house and installed a very sophisticated articulated armrest on my study table. The idea of this armrest is to take the weight from the arm making it much easier to raise the hand to the mouth when feeding. I used it for a while but for the last few months I have found it easier to place my left arm under my right hand, in which there will be a spoonful of food,  lifting them both together to my mouth, protecting the clothing on my left arm with a wipeable plastic sleeve  which runs from wrist to elbow (which my sewing lady Janet made for me)..

13 March. I went to Addenbrookes Hospital to see my friend Colin Gautry, in the Mechanical Engineering Division, no doubt to further one of the prototypes of my inventions. In the afternoon I see that I went to the Newport surgery to have the stitches removed, no doubt from the wisdom tooth I had  extracted the previous week

16 March. Our 46th wedding anniversary There’s no way I would not have recorded this event. Although for the life of me, a year later, I cannot remember how we  celebrated it.

17 March. I see there was a meeting of the Oil and Gas Branch of the Arbitration Club in London which I forsook for a walk round with the geriatrics at the golf club.

18 March. One of my special days. Lunch with my good friend Geoffrey Hanscomb at Sheekeys,

20 March. Bill Godwin, barrister, came down from London to give me lunch and to discuss this years lectures in China with which he had kindly agreed to assist. I seem to remember we went to The Cricketers, Jamie Oliver’s dad’s pub next door.

23 March. Went to London to see Monti who, very kindly is assisting me to make my  own DVD’s from my old films.

24 March. My weekly walk around with the geriatrics at golf club.


  • Joan Kirkby says:

    I have to laugh at your inability to remember what happened on the anniversary of your wedding last year. I have trouble remembering what happened yesterday !!

  • DMC says:

    Dear Joan

    I hope neither of us are suffering from what is euphemistically call short term cognitive impairment, which, I always thought, if you can remember that you’re not suffering from it.

    We have just got back from a splendid trip to see the Grands and Sprig in Cornwall -see the blog I’m just about to publish the entry.

    Love to all


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