15 June 2010

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A very pleasant and helpful physiotherapist, Joanna,  came to see me at home  this morning and after some test walks, mainly with the gutter frame, she said I was doing very well. Frankly, she was not at all keen on the gutter crutches and recommended I did not use them. Instead I should exercise three or four times a day using the gutter frame and in the meantime she made an appointment for me to see her, this Thursday, in the physio gymnasium, Saffron Walden. Community hospital.

This afternoon, my lovely’, help me spend five minutes or so walking up and down with the gutter frame and attempting a few unsupported tentative steps. To be honest I was a little frightened of falling, having had so many bad experiences recently, however, I’m sure my confidence will increase day by day. Sadly  my leg is as painful, if not more than, it was when I broke it and spent the weekend walking on it. It is also badly swollen and I am told by my good doctor Long that the swelling may well last for months but hopefully the pain will subside.

When I was looking through Anecdotes etc I couldn’t understand why things that I had entered, just before I went to Thailand in March of this year, had not appeared on the blog, I checked back and realised that it must have been a time when Richard was extremely busy and had failed to enter them. I shall enter them now. This is what I wrote at the time.

As this is the last day you will hear from me for three weeks or so, I will give you a feast of goodies to enjoy while I’m away. However, during this interregnum, why not use this opportunity to delve deeper into the diary archive, if you have not done so already,  as well as working  your way through the those Anecdotes, Videos and Photos, as well, of course, through the Jokes, some of which I am told  are not to everyone’s taste..


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Reflections -this is well worth watching.


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Can you believe that you can click on a map of the world and put up a copy of the front page of the local or national newspaper

Worldwide Newspaper Headlines today and every day

Just put your mouse on an identified city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up…

Double click and the page gets larger….you can read the entire paper on some if you click on the right place. You can spend forever here.

The World’s Newspapers

And here are some more interest photographs

Family Photo -very amusing but I hope it doesn’t give offence.

Great Pictures

Luxury Rides -have you ever wondered what went on inside a stretch limousines or what a R What real Luxury Yacht or BeSpoke Aeroplane looks like?

Me with Kilt and smoking stick

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Just some giggles .

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