17 June 2010

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The big excitement today was seeing Joanna, the physiotherapist, at the Saffron Waldon Community Hospital. I managed a short walk up and down the corridor without the frame but with the girls hands firmly  in my support belt had I stumbled. Although they both said that I was doing amazingly well considering the cast had just come off, I must say I did not feel safe without some artificial aid. Whether I will ever get my confidence back again to walk without a frame remains to be seen as my legs certainly feel pretty weak.

After consultation with Joanna, we have decided to purchase an external version of the gutter frame with bigger wheels that can cope with rough surfaces. It’s a bit like a supermarket trolley only higher with something to lean on. The only problem is that I am advised that I should not use it on any form of ramp as it will tilt and could cause me to topple over. This means even when the ramps are in place for the office — which incidentally I heard today the cost of which has now been approved, very generously, by the MND Association — I will still have to access the office by wheelchair and then transferred to the frame. Anyway it’s all looking pretty positive and the least I am able to be upright from time to time.

The mention of the generosity of the MND Association prompts me to nudge those of my readers who intend to make a donation for the Great London Swim Event — Three Miles for Markfull details of how to donate at the beginning of the blog. I know only too well how many appeals I receive myself and set them aside, meaning to do something about it and then discover them maybe weeks later when frankly it is too late. Those of you who have already taken the plunge and made a donation my heartfelt thanks.

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