19 June 2010

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My kindly neighbour, Graham Smith, came round this afternoon to help me sort out the next stage of the Mugs Guide for entering such thing as Anecdotes, Jokes, Videos and Photos. These need a little more thought than straightforward posting  text entries as there has to be a hyperlink. Anyway, I’m confident that once I get the next part of my Mugs Guide I will be able to cope with this additional task. The only thing that worries me is whether anybody ever bothers to look at any of these add-ons. Although I get e-mails about the diary entries I don’t think I ever had one commenting on the fantastic pictures, photographs or videos or the funny jokes, other than one person who said that she adored the blog but frankly didn’t like the jokes. (I think I thanked her for her kind comments about the blog and suggested that reading the jokes was not mandatory!) So I suppose this is a cri de couer to all of my  readers. If you see something beautiful and inspirational, on this blog, that I have entered as an add-on. Please let me know. As you can appreciate these parts of the blog take much more work than the text and if nobody is looking at them. Well, I suppose I might as well stop adding more material.

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