24 June 2010

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I spent the morning quite happily working on my laptop in our dear little Rose cottage at the Olde house. Then to LAF to spend a little time with Granny before brother-in-law, who really is not terribly well, characteristically unselfish and generous, insisted on taking to us all out to lunch at a delightful seafood restaurant, Nathan Outlaw -attached to the  St. Enodoc hotel – in Rock. What was so delightful about this restaurant was not only the delicious food but the fact that we were able to sit out on the terrace and overlook the magnificent view included the estuary. This time, sans Granny, we were able to squash into Tor’s car. and I do mean squash. My poor 71-year-old ‘lovely’, like a small child, was stuffed into the boot and left grappling with the walking frames, as we swung violently around sharp bends on the narrow road back to LAF  all the way home after lunch. Thank heavens the girls are made of the same stern stuff as their mother.

All too soon Barry and Denise arrived to transport us home, which they did with great dispatch, stopping, only briefly at a service station to pick up a sandwich. I spent the entire journey selfishly glued to the car’s loudspeaker listening to England triumph  once more over the second of the one-day cricket series against Australia.

A most enjoyable sojourn. Beautifully organised, to the nth degree by,’my lovely’, and indeed very generously paid for by her. She went to infinite trouble to make it easy and comfortable for me for which I am eternally grateful. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful partner?

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