2 July 2010

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The good Dr Long left for Sweden, this morning,  for the marriage of his daughter, Penny, in a 10 days time. Before he left I discussed with him the letter that had come from Papworth Hospital regarding my recent visit there. Basically, the difference between this visit and the previous one was  that my Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV) had dropped to 1.7 with a vital capacity of 2.5 litres (74% predicted). This was a considerable drop from the last visit when  my vital capacity was 3.3 litres. Although the doctor said that there was no urgent need for ventilatory support I am to be reassessed in two months time rather than three as before.

With the ramps having been completed I was able to get into my office for the first time since I broke my leg and spend some time with my secretary sorting out the backlog of paperwork. I actually managed extremely well, waling the ramp, using my gutter frame, with ‘my lovely’ hovering nervously behind me on the first attempt but as we saw this to be  entirely safe this is probably the way I will access the office, at least for the time being, although I have to say that the Occupational Therapists do not recommend the use of wheeled frames on ramps.

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