8 July 2010

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My second full day in the office since I broke my leg. Good old Duncan (Rix) had kindly been in over the weekend and reorganised all my office equipment so that I can access it from one sitting position. I access the place through the new ramp using my gutter frame and then onto the office chair with the electric ‘UpEasy’ cushion. This works so well that I am able to rise and stand up to grasp my frame and get myself back to the house all without assistance.

Having settled myself down I then realise that I had completely forgotten the telephone number on my second ‘ Livebox’ telephone line -after all it will almost 2 months since I last used it and it was fairly new then. Anyway, this put me in mind of the politically correct description of someone with a short-term memory loss, temporary cognitive impairment. Who on earth dreams these things up, for example, someone who is retiring is about to receive his or her benefit crystallisation. Having lived in Australia for the best part of five years, 50 odd years ago, I got used to people calling a spade, a spade rather than a personal metallic digging implement. This train of thought meant I cannot not resist repeating what a judge said in a recent case where a party is restricted from approbating or reprobating’, which means no more or less, than, blowing hot and cold.

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