11 July 2010

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A quiet day after yesterday’s excitement. A kind neighbour, Edward Oliver, who has generously helped me over the past two years complete my Tax Return – as I can no longer write –  came round this morning with this year’s submission. It will be interesting to see if there is any comeback from the Inland Revenue concerning the change of emphasis in my work which now includes working on inventions. Having said that there is still the updating of my Magnus Opus, Arbitration Practice and Procedure — Interlocutory and Hearing Problems, currently being worked on (I hope) by Dr Julian Critchlow and Prof. Robert Merkin, in addition, there is my lecturing and  my work in connection with the various branches of The Arbitration Club. So I suppose I can justifiably say that I have not entirely retired from my mainstream occupation, Arbitration.

It would be churlish not to mention that I did take a sneaking look at the final of the football World Cup -in the commercial breaks of the film we were watching  -despite claiming to have no interest in football whatsoever. However, such an event, rather like the opening of the Olympic Games ceremony, is almost mandatory viewing. In the event to me, not being an aficionado of the game, it seemed the unstructured and frankly a little boring.

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