17 July 2010

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A couple of days ago I heard from Patrick Joyce, the amazing young man with MND, who has adopted the title of The Incurable Optimist, which I must say he truly deserves. My readers may recall me shelter mentioning that this incredible young man earlier in the blog and how he is determined to paint 100 portraits, of who he describes as incurable optimists and for some reason seems to think that I qualify.

Accordingly, he has now started my portrait and this will be shortly available be  online for anyone interested in viewing it. However, I do urge my readers to access Patrick’s site http://patricktheoptimist.org) or his facebook. www.facebook.com/patricktheopimist/, these sites are truly inspirational. I’m sure we will all wish Patrick a long live so that he can complete the hundred portraits that he has set out to achieve. No doubt, shortly I will be able to display a copy of Patrick portrait of me (totally undeserved, however) on this blog. What have I got to complain about?. I just had four fabulous days at Lord’s.

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