19 July 2010

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My good friend, Rowan Planterose, drove all the way from Sussex today to give me lunch The Cricketers. Rowan, an erstwhile barrister turned solicitor, is a partner in Davies Arnold Cooper. I have known him for 25 years or so and we have done some fun things together. For example, we did the fictitious cross examination in my most successful book, The Sanctuary House Case, which proved to be very convincing.

We also work together, and he performed, in The Fission Chip Case, a legal training ‘play’ I wrote with Karyl Nairn and the input from a number of other legal friends.

This ‘play’ , which ran for the entire day, was set in the year 2084 and was a dispute between earthlings  and the inhabitants (Galoos) of a fictitious planet called Pluto -yet to be discovered – that we put on in Cambridge and Budapest. If I say so myself, it was out of this world and went extremely well. I only wish we could perform it again.

Anyway, we had a delicious lunch together in the open air, mulling over old times.

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