27 July 2010

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A couple of days ago I received a very nice response from the chairman of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Dr Mary Archer, to the letter  which I had sent her following my stay in hospital. At least she had the courtesy to reply, a month after I had sent my letter. I guess she is really busy with other more pressing matters . I have you not  received a reply either from the Chief Executive of the hospital or the chairman of the PCT, in fact neither of them has yet even acknowledged receipt of my letter.

Being a Tuesday I hardly need to tell the regular reader that I went to the geriatric golf meeting at Worlington today, very kindly transported by Peter Murphy to and from the course and around it by Griggsy. As usual it was a great deal of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. The members, are to a man, immensely kind and considerate. I do not differentiate between them. Whoever happens to be around can help me  get to my feet ; dress me up for lunch, cut up my food and even feed me when things get difficult. Wearing a skirt (kilt) the ladies having given me dispensation to use their loo, which means I do not have to negotiate any steps. The great advantage of this is that  even the most squeamish of members only have to slide their hands up under the kilt from behind, and lower my pants sufficiently for me to have a pee, and then pull them up again, with no loss of dignity or embarrassment on either side. This, of course, was my key objective in purchasing the kilt in the first place. This week this delicate operation was carried out by Griggsy.

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