3 August 2010

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Today did not start as well as yesterday finished.. I received an e-mail from  Guy at Coventry University, informing me that the reviewing committee of Proctor and Gamble, disappointingly were not interested in marketing the health product, which I recently had patented, on the grounds that they had lately reviewed similar concepts.  I must admit I was surprised, to learn this, as there does not appear to be anything similar available in the shops but maybe there are others already in the process of preparing their product to come to the market. We will see. In any event, Guy is now pursuing an appointment with Lloyds Pharmacy, who appear to be keen for new products.

Whilst sit updating this blog I can hear hammering from the Polish workmen who are building a ground level platform, or verandah,. on the side of the house, from which, when it’s finished. will get a magnificent view of the lake in front of farmhouse itself..

Swedish buildings ,certainly, in the village type communities, in this part of the world, are predominantly made from timber with external weather boarding, which almost invariably is stained with a dark browny red, water-based, preservative.. Michael has had this guest building, adjacent to the farmhouse, beautifully converted into a dwelling.

The timber walls have around a foot of insulation between the weather boarding and the plasterboard  internally.. The underfloors are similarly insulated and I believe there is something in the order of 1 m of insulation in the roof space. Compare this with the average of 4 inches in most UK homes.

Admittedly, it does get a lot colder here in the winter, in fact, as low as -30 – 35C.. The  floors and ceilings are made of lightly limed pine boarding ,supported on small pine beams. In common with other houses in Sweden this one has under floor heating (shades of the Roman hypocaust) provided  by geo-thermal bore which penetrates, into the ground, to a  depth of around 150 m. This system also provides all the hot water required in the house. The heat of the earth is transferred through a heat exchanger and circulated throughout the house. This, with the double glazing the summer and winter temperatures remained fairly constant .

A quiet day for both of us accept that Michael worked like a slave preparing the grounds of the house itself to receive his guests whom, I am told, will arrive after I had gone to bed.

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