4 August 2010

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The Schneider family arrived late last night, after I had gone to bed. The little ones, like most other children over the world, were excited at being in a new, but familiar, place -they have been there on several previous occasions – and were up early. Each of them, in turn looking shyly around the door at the funny old man still in bed. However, with a smile and a few faltering words of German I will hope to win them over, one by one. Anyway, in any event, they all learn English at school and over breakfast tried out the odd word or two. I’m sure over the next few days we will all become friends. Andy, the father, explained briefly, to the children, what are my problems, and once their curiosity has been satisfied I’m sure they will treat me like anyone else.

I have a dilemma. It started last evening when I tried to ring ‘my lovely’, as I have done every day, or at least tried every day, since we were married almost 48years ago. The entire area telephone system has now been out of order for the past three days and no one is  able to explain why. The odd thing is that it has not affected the broadband. E-mails continue to come in daily and I’m also able, each day to update this blog. Yet, the weird thing is I cannot send any e-mails. How can that be, when I can send the update for this blog but not ordinary e-mails. It’s as if there is a blockage in the outbox but being away from home I do not have my ISP’s contact details (Orange) to telephone them and ask how to resolve the problem. If any of my readers know what I can do before I get home I would be obliged to hear from them either by e-mail or by way of commenting on the blog item.

The children played happily around the farmyard in the morning and then we all drove to William’s (Michael’s eldest) little house that Michael is  toying with the idea of buying.) Frankly, I think he needs another house like a hole in the head butt his restless spirit means that he probably will end their  start extending it and in converting what is there already. It has one thing going for it and that is  a superb setting if perhaps a little isolated

I think Michael has visions of handing over the farm and adjacent buildings to the family and then living in this smaller house in his retirement, whenever that will be!

After lunch  the Schneider family went berry picking, with a view to making some jam, but came back with empty bowls and full tummies having consumed all of what they picked. They did however bring back a large bag of dubious looking funghi, which after a careful study of the book of edible and poisonous mushrooms, it was decided prudent your not to eat This sensible decision was confirmd by Lasse Larsson, the local vet (Penny -Michael’s eldest daughter’s – recently wedded husband) who ordered by in the early evening, not to drink, as he was on duty, for a chat.

The children then spent the rest of the afternoon playing in Uno’s – the owner former;s – old hay loft, which, I suspect, still has the same straw as was there when the old boy died, some years ago. Andy he tells me that the children are planning to put on some sort of play. Why does this so remind me of my own grandchildren who always do some sort of nativity play for us at Christmas. We sat out in the afternoon sun and even had our supper out there but by 7.30 it was getting a little chilly..

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