5 August 2010

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We managed to stay in bed until a little after 7.00 today – later than usual — as the children were pretty exhausted from their journey and exertions the day before and, as a result, slept in. Shortly after breakfast they decamped for a swimming expedition, and lunch at Anna’s cafe, while Michael went off to see Leonard to discuss possible alterations to William’s little house. He left me, working at my desk, in the very capable hands of Vallerian, a Polish  builder working on the house outside. Does anyone know the Polish Word for HELP1?

It is the most glorious summers day, but cooler than it would be in England and with gentle but chilly breeze, nevertheless, if I can find a sheltered spot and I will spend some of the day sitting out in the sunshine. A quiet, peaceful day culminating with a delicious Norwegian salmon, en famille, prepared by Delia and Andy, after which I read some Chekov on my laptop,and  contemplated a relatively early night.

But then the activity started. Lars (Larsson), a neighbour, who works for the  municipality as controller of recreational facilities,  called in as he was out walking his dog. The whisky flowed and we sat outside, three of those still in shorts, until the dew began to fall and we were driven in. More  whisky, and just as I thought I could escape and go to bed the Irish, turned up, a little later than expected as they got lost on the drive here from the airport,, although they have been here many times before. However, it is not surprising as this place really is tucked away down a long winding lane. Anyway, having come all the way from Dublin that day they were a little weary. Simon, the father and son Eamonn, (who, incidentally shares a birthday with me — 58 years apart) with a friend, Nora. Nora was a  friend of  Simon’s wife, Mary who was a nurse who worked  with Michael , in Benalla, Australia – Ned Kelly territory, over a number of years.Michael tells me that she was incredibly popular and caring nurse.

Ultimately, Simon and Mary returned with their children to Ireland where, sadly, she discovered she was dying  from incurable cancer,  but Mary did not survive very long .Eammon’s brother Cathal (Carl in English)  stays in Michael flat in Melbourne, between his various trips around Australia..

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