9 August 2010

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Today was the first really miserable weather that we have had since we arrived. It is not for the fir tee fringed lake  in front of the farmhouse you could believes that you were in Ireland, or so the Irish family agreed.

However it did not deter either family from setting out for the various expeditions. The Irish to Stockholm  to some museums and the Schneider’s to some play area nearby so the children could expend some of their seemingly limitless energy.

I had little to do during the day so, at one stage, looked at a video entitled Lost in Translation, slightly sad but delightful story which I would recommend to any reader. However, the point of referring to it was because of a comment made at the supper table. I was talking to William when we heard half a dozen people, on the other side of the table erupting in the laughter.. Curious to know why, we were surprised that they were rather coy about explaining the joke but, having decided that it would not offend me, told us that Delia  had suggested to Michael that he would miss me when I had gone.. Michael, completely misunderstanding the context of the comment, laughed and said , “who knows I might go first.”  . “No, no”, said the horrified Delia, “I meant when he goes back to London”. Certainly lost in translation between Swedish and Australian.!

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