13 August 2010

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This morning was spent with the good doctor packing for both of us before leaving around midday for the airport.  The transition from the farm, the flight and drive home, picked up by Barry, all went without a hitch.

The good doctor only staying overnight, was soon on his way back to Sweden for another five days, with son William, before returning to  Australia, via Heathrow, London.. As I said before, a restless soul but one who has been magnificent to me,  looking after me like a mother hen without the slightest outward sign of irritation.  What an extremely  lucky man to have such a splendid friend.

Having said all that, there is no place like home and more important, nowhere I would rather be than with my lovely’.

On the day I arrived in Sweden, I included, on my blog entry, a quotation from George Bernard Shaw which I thought that my readers would find inspirational and in some degree reflected the good doctor’s attitude to life and therefore was appropriate for me to quote. As I continued with the delightful break, only made possible by the unselfish attention given to me by Michael, I cannot resist including yet one more quotation which I found on his desk.

This one from Friar Aengus Finicane, former chief executive of Concern,  which I gather is an organisation set up to help impoverished Africans. He wrote

“ Do as much as you can,

  As well as you can,

  For as long as you can,

  For as many as you can”

I think that sums up Michael’s philosophy as well. He helps so many people and I am very fortunate to be included amongst them

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