21 August 2010

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As my computer has decided to behave itself again I am attempting another entry.  There has been a complete shambles over the election of trustees to the  MND Association.  I submitted my application form, supported by two trustees,  well before the closing date of 11th. of June.  I completed the form online  and then pressing the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the form.  I naturally assumed that this had been received but I never actually got a formal acknowledgment. I suppose, in that respect, I was at fault, although at the time I was fully engaged in other business. 

You can imagine my surprise then when I received a ballot form on Friday that did not include my name.  Fortunately, I was able to to check on my computer and confirm that I submitted my application at 12.01 on 6 June.. Naturally, I contacted the Association and this started the hare running.  I must say they took the matter very seriously and acted very promptly, taking advice from solicitors, auditors etc..  I felt very embarrassed at having caused this disruption in their normal working programme and, of course, the added expense of seeking advice. However, clearly something went wrong which needs to be avoided in the future.

After several discussions with the Vice Chairman of Trustees, I decided it was in the best interests of the Association if I  withdrew my application and hope, without any guarantee of course, that I might be to  co-opted at the first available opportunity whilst I am still strong enough to make a contribution.

. More bad news, England lost the third test to Pakistan by four wickets.  Having said that, it will make the fourth test, at Lord’s, starting next Thursday,  more interesting. With England being to 2-1 up in the series, it leaves the intriguing possibility of Pakistan achieving a drawn series, I believe, for the first time ever.

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