24 August 2010

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I arrived at the golf club today, having been driven by Kit, and need to find that ‘my lovely’ had forgotten to include my bag of tricks this for eating and drinking.  She discovered before I did and poor old thing went to enormous expense in sending them by taxi as she knew how much I relied on them.  Actually, I could have managed if someone had been prepared to feed me and I have been provided with a straw for drinking. However,’ my lovely’, being characteristically generous would not even consider inconveniencing me that way and to hell with the expense. What a girl!  The weather was  sunny but with  a chilly breeze.  Certainly autumnal.  This year seems to be a repeat of last  year when we had our summer in April and May.  I am really concerned because I have three days at Lord’s starting on Thursday with two guests each day.  It does not take much rain to stop play and with me being stuck in a wheelchair it’s not likely to be much fun..  I do hope I’m wrong as this test match could be a nail biter.



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