25 August 2010

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Not one of my better days.  Firstly, my electric UpEasy cushion failed and will need to go back to the manufacturer’s for repair and heaven knows how long that take.  In the meantime we will have to cope with the manual one..  Thank heavens I bought two.  On top of that I found out, by persistent telephone calls, that Toshiba have not yet started to repair my laptop but are waiting for me to approve their estimate of almost £400.  That seems a ridiculously large amount to have to pay for spinning a little tea over the corner of the keyboard but these people have you over a barrel and there is no choice but to pay.

Fortunately, the MND Association have generously offered to cover the cost of the repair but clearly I would not get the laptop back for another week or so.

Last week I took out a travel insurance policy to cover of the forthcoming visit to Thailand.  Having declared by medical conditions the premium quoted by Saga was just under £200.  Yesterday, I got an alternative quoted from getmytravelinsurance.com, virtually the same cover for £131.  A reasonable amount to cover any medical expenses, including any arising from my present condition, and even covering the cost of bringing my body back if the worst should happen.  Accordingly, I invoked my right under the Saga policy, to cancel it within the 14 days and to receive a full refund

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