31 August 2010

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31 August 2010

Yesterday was the August Bank holiday Monday, At one stage, we had thought it might have gone out and had lunch and then decided that the world and his wife would also be on the same track and opted for required then returning catching up.   Tuesday’s come round fast and I was off again for another ride round the golf course.  This week (Sir) George Bull very kindly gave me a lift.  A fine day but rather like last week, autumnal.  Unfortunately, I had a rather frightening collapse going into the clubhouse both legs went as if it had not been for three strong helpers I could well have been in trouble.  I must say it gave me a real shock and I even found it hard after that to feed myself at lunch.  (Good old George helped out)  In the afternoon, at home, I was fearful about going down the ramp from my office on my frame, basically I had lost my confidence.  However, after a good night sleep, and a bit of teeth gritting, I am pretty well back where I was before, but for how long?  I also asked myself how much longer I am going to be able to manage the the Tuesday geriatric day.There is even a limit to the amount of help  I can ask, or expect, from the good members  Royal Worlington.

I have been so occupied recently that I missed another milestone in  this blog.  That was a 700,000 hit mark, which must occurred around a week ago as we are now in excess of 715,000 hits.  I think my readership has settled down now and remains fairly constant as every time I quiz  a member of the family or a friend, about the blog, they  rather shamefacedly admit that they have not looked at it recently, so I often wonder where the other 2500 or so hits a day come from


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