1 October 2010

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Apart from catching up on my e-mails, dealing with the draft of my statement before the General Dental Association; checking over the examination papers for this year’s lectures in China and writing up my blog, I happily spent part of the day watching the opening of the Ryder Cup. Typical Welsh weather, bucketing down with rain. So much so that they only got two hours play in the early morning before the matches had to be abandoned for five hours. They did manage to get some play in the late afternoon and early evening but the opening four ball matches were deferred until tomorrow.

I forgot to mention yesterday the disastrous news there we are going to lose our wonderful OT, Sarah Moss. Apparently she has been given another job, something to do with brains, not hers, of course, but the patients. She doesn’t know yet when is she going to  move, but it appears to be imminent. I just pray she holds on long enough to set us up with the right of sorts of hoists. In any event, we will certainly miss her.

Late afternoon I received a call from Philadelphia, from Jennifer Lynn, the producer of the live radio show, in Philadelphia, that has invited me to participate on 13 October. We ranged over a great number of subjects in the hour and a half or so that we spent on the telephone, presumably to give Jennifer some idea of the sort of questions that the presenter of the show Dan (?), a famous American quadriplegic for the last 30 years, is going to put to me. She has promised to send me details of an earlier show that I can look at, so I should be able to get some reasonable idea of the style and title of questions I will need to answer. Unfortunately as I have to use my hands-free telephone the reception the other end is not that brilliant but there is no way that I could ask ‘ my lovely’ to hold the telephone to my ear during the interview. Apart from anything else I would find that intimidating and I’m sure that my answers would not flow as easily as they would speaking on my hands-free telephone. Jennifer is going to ring me at four o’clock on the day of the live show just to make sure I’m still alive and well!

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