3 October 2010

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I spent the best part of yesterday watching the Ryder Cup which was terribly exciting. There’s something special about two nations battling it out together, in a sporting event, played purely for the honour of the country they represent. This is particularly so when you have the quality of sportsmanship and skill that is brought to an event like the Ryder Cup. We, the Europeans that is, started the day at 6 matches to 4 down to America needing 14 ½. pints to win the cup. However of the unfinished matches, both the two foursomes and the four four balls, England started up in all of them. Sadly and, not untypically, the Welsh weather defeated the organisers and overnight rain delayed the start until 1.30. This meant that the 12 singles would not be able to be completed today and for, the first time ever and may all have to be played tomorrow, Monday. There is the fascinating prospect that any  unfinished matches on Monday, no matter what the score,  will be counted as a half, so we must pray for fine weather as this would be a very sad way to end such an engrossing sporting event.

In fact, in the event, the remaining two foursomes and four balls suffered from a late start and the team captains decided that all 12 singles would be played on the Monday.

The European team had a great day today, they started off, as I said 6 matches to 4 down and finish the day 9 ½. against the Americans 6 ½., having won five of the six matches and halved last. Even poor old Tiger Woods had a thrashing losing 6 and 5, the worst defeat he had never suffered in match play.

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