13 October 2010

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I’ve had some very nice complimentary comments about my broadcast although, as ‘my lovely’ pointed out, it is most unlikely that any of your friends would say anything other than nice things about you!

I did receive a couple of comments from strangers who had listened to the broadcast and answered them, as I always do, on the blog itself. I do hope that my readers understand that this is where they get their answer to any of their comments. One listener to the programme in America apparently was so interested in my drinking and smoking habits he’s going to send me a ‘ glass straw’ — whatever that is. Something to look forward to when I return from Thailand.

My big task today was going through the final draft of the examination paper for my Chinese students together with the marking schedule prepared by my successor. I must say he’s done a great job and what I’ve seen so far gives me a lot of confidence. So much better than the fiasco we went through this time last year.

The good Dr flew in from Australia last evening passing through Heathrow on the way to Sweden and will be with us in a couple of days time.

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