27 October 2010

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We woke  to a completely grey, overcast, sky. The first since we arrived. Apparently there had been to terrific storm shortly after I had laid down to sleep. Loud claps of thunder  accompanied by lightning, none of which I was aware. It’s the old story, once my head hits the pillow I fall into a deep sleep, like a flat stone sinking to the bottom of a pond and it takes a great deal to wake me during the first three hours or so.. I suppose this is how I get away with so little sleep – my batteries must be on triple charge, albeit,  for a short period – as the rest of the night is spent half -a- wake, cat napping.

Due to the overcast weather and lack of direct sunshine, with only one and a half days left, it is now clear that I will not be returning to the UK with a dark mahogany ‘ all over! ‘tan but will look more like a bundle of light oak tied in the centre with a white bandanna!

This evening was our last trip to town as tomorrow evening there is a weekly cocktail party and we  have been invited to stay on for dinner as guests of the hotel. Having spent the morning on the ‘baking’ platform with the Barlow’s, they invited us to join them for a last meal at a newly discovered restaurant in the marketplace. This was a invitation we could not resist. We accepted and enjoyed the food every much as we had the evening before.

I must say meeting up again with the Barlow’s has added a certain sparkle to this holiday. The tinsel on an already well decorated Christmas tree. Undoubtedly, Michael will go to visit them in Cornwall and despite their living relatively close to my dear sister-in-law, Victoria, I know that logistically it would be difficult for us and therefore I will probably never see them again but will kept in touch, vicariously, through Michael..

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