31 October 2010

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Last night warned is very disappointing. It was a nightmare I had at least three or four panic calls to ‘ my lovely’. I simply could not breathe and needed to sit up. The good Dr is still here, who, I am glad to say, slept the best part of  11 hours whilst all this was going on they did come down in the middle of the night to check on me. The Dr is probably right when he says that a certain amount of the problem is in my mind but if you’re lying down panting for breath you get more and more panicky which makes you get even harder. It is quite clear that we must get onto Papworth Hospital tomorrow to see if we can bring forward my assessment, scheduled for 8 November. The point being that after tonight, once Michael has left ‘ my lovely’ will simply not be able to cope with me in his present condition. Perhaps I will need to get to Papworth for an overnight assessment went, I then suspect they would put me onto night-time oxygen.

 Having said that I feel fine this morning and spent a good time in bringing my blog up to date and dealing with the 150 or so outstanding e-mails which, for reasons I will not go into, I could not download in Thailand..


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