5 December 2010

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Another uncomfortable night. In the early hours of the morning my joints really began to feel quite painful knees, hips and shoulders. This despite taking 400 mg. of Ibuprofen plus 1000mg. of paracetamol. Tonight I shall switch to the stronger Diclofenac  recommended by Dr Chris Alan, plus 1000 MG of paracetamol and see if that works. Having said that I know that the Diclofenac is recommended for rheumatism. I don’t think I suffer either from rheumatism or  arthritis as I have no pain during the day. It seems that the joint just stiffen up in bed.

Most of the snow has now disappeared from the garden and the weather appears to be getting slightly milder. I venture forth outside for the first time for three or four weeks when I get wheeled to the pub next door to lunch on Friday. Whatever the weather, however, I intend to go, as four people are coming from London and one from Newbury in Berkshire.

I was a bit alarmed yesterday lunchtime when I found that I was unable to get out of my NHS rising chair even with’ my lovely’ assisting with the lifting belt. In the end we had to use the hoist. I had a sinking feeling that this was the beginning of yet another phase, however, I’m pleased to say that when it came to the evening we did manage a normal manoeuvre, onto the gutter frame with the assistance of the lifting belt, so hopefully the legs will last a little longer.

The local MND Association representative, Janet Fray, and her husband Colin, who live in the village, called in today to see me, and Colin very kindly fitted one of the Ergo armrests. No easy task as it was quite a sophisticated piece of equipment with a number of fine adjustable elements. I think this will work fine to take the weight off my arm and allow my hand to hover over an access the mouse and the laptop keys..

The Saturday evening cricket was just as exciting as the opening day. England only lost 2 more wickets and when rain stopped play were 551 for wickets. Cook had scored another magnificent century (148) and Kevin Pieterson was not out  having scored 213.

England kept up the good work on Sunday to run up a total of 620 for the loss of five wickets, with Peterson ending with 227. They declared overnight leaving Australia a target of 356 to make England bat again.

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