14 December 2010

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This was my big day at the golf club. the Christmas lunch for the Tuesday Geriatric club.

It  thought it was still a rather chilly so I decided not to go up the early and travel around in the buggy but just arrive for lunch. In retrospect I think I made a mistake, as it turned out to be a lovely day, there was even a little sunshine at Worlington. I remember those crisp winter day’s, I really did love playing in that weather.

Barry picked me up about 11.15 arriving at the club at midday, a little before the first of the brave souls who had been playing came into lunch. Scott was on parade and quickly took over from Barry to get me into the clubhouse. Unfortunately, the first ramp that Scott had had made turned out to be slippery so he quite sensibly rejected it and another one should be in position fairly soon. However Scott had no difficulty in tilting the chair over the entrance steps.

I sat amongst the gang as they all came in and had drinks before lunch. There must have been upwards of 40 of us in all. Sadly, Griggsy did not turn up and I learned afterwards that he was in bed with a cold. Luckily for me my dear friend Alex ( Sexton) took on the role of mother and looked after me. Cutting up my food and occasionally shovelling it onto the spoon when he saw I was having difficulty etc. To a man the members are really helpful. David (Biddle) kindly collected my food for me. Anyone who’s around seems to sense when I need help and is stepping quietly and unobtrusively and get on with it.

The food was traditionally roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and I must say that the beef was the best I think I have ever tasted. The chef surpassed himself. As Alex said the beef cut like butter even with the blunt table knife. Although the geriatrics normally only get one course the girls (and I suppose I must now say and the chef, being the first time we’ve had a man in the kitchen for at least 30 years) gave us all a treat and included Christmas pudding, mince pies and some fruit salad. I greedily and all three on the same plate. It was delicious. As usual we had some modest wine with our lunch and then, being Christmas, finished off with a large Kummell.

Scott wheeled me out after lunch and skilfully placed me into George (Bull’s) Mercedes. We were fortunate that George had brought son Rupert with him so that when we arrived home, between them, they manage to get me from the car to the wheelchair and then in the house and up onto my frame. A pretty successful outing altogether and one while I really didn’t want to miss.

I gave a large box of chocolates for ‘the girls’ (as indeed I have done over the past several years) and a bottle of whiskey for Scott, to show my appreciation for all they have done for me over the past year. Modest gifts but,  at least, a  gesture.

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