15 December 2010

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Today started off badly. Unfortunately, I had a collapse moving from the breakfast table to my frame and ended up on the floor.  ‘My lovely’ kept her head and after scouting around outside for someone to give assistance and failing decided to see if we could use our standing hoist. Amazingly, she just managed to squeeze it through the arch from the kitchen into the breakfast room. Then, with a little manipulation the hoist did its job and hauled me to my feet. I was none the worse for wear although at one stage, with my foot had been bent under me on the fall, I wondered whether I’d done myself some sort of injury.

This whole business, however, was extremely encouraging as it means now that even if we have a fall outside the main rooms we can still use the hoist, with any luck, without involving a third party. I must admit I was extremely proud of my girl for managing all of this when it really is not her sort of scene.

We hung around this morning waiting for Lynn, our OT, who was due for a visit to make some more fittings for my wrists and hands. However, the poor thing was not in  fit and called off. Just as well as I cannot afford to catch any of these bugs are going about. Talking of bugs I gave Griggsy a ring and found him, out and about and so  well on the way to recovery.

I bought some books from Amazon today. ‘My lovely ‘ was against the idea when I told her that one of them, that would normally cost her £30, I could get for just over £18, with free delivery. She suspected that it was in some way a ‘second’, I just hope it that arrives here in time for Christmas as it is at present. Let’s face it, Alice is always suspicious about a bargain! Whilst I was on the Internet I bought three audio books for £2 each. A Ruth Rendell, a Le Carre and the book about Australia entitled Down Under. Marvellous value. The only problem with audio books is that I tend to listen to them with my eyes closed and then 10 minutes later realise I, had dropped off and having missed the plot. Whilst I was on Amazon I also looked at the 1500 or so free books that they offer for anyone who has the Kindle Software.. There are a great number of classics amongst them and also some other rather than obscure titles that look rather than fun and the extraordinary thing is that they really are free and therefore quite a good way of whiling away a wet or cold afternoon

The day finished, rather as it had begun, on a disappointing note. At six o’clock, when I went for my evening ‘walk’, I failed to get out of my NHS Lounge chair, even with ‘my lovely’ assisting me with the lifting belt. I slipped and remained precariously perched on the edge of the chair, while Alice quickly wheeled in the standing hoist which we managed to use to correct the situation. However, this is the first time have we needed to do this and I really hope it is not the beginning of a new ritual. Encouragingly, when it came to going to bed I did manage to get up as usual.

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