17 December 2010

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Great dramas continued throughout the night at this time nothing to do with the respirator. This time it was a cricket. For going along from what I am absolutely certain winning position, 78 without loss, England were suddenly all out for 187, 81 behind Australia’s first innings score. The damage being caused by, Johnson, the bowler that the Australians had left out for the Adelaide test, who was at one stage 5 wickets the 20 runs, ended up with a staggering 6 wickets 38 runs.

So the Australians took to the field again and got stuck in. Although they lost three wickets they still ended the day with 119 runs on the board,  an overall lead of 200 and still three days to go. There will clearly be a result this time.

So convinced was one Sydney bookmaker that England were certain to retain the Ashes, that he started paying out on bets to the tune of something like $A400,000 let us hope he was right and doesn’t live to regret his impetuous decision

Another treat for me today. Another solicitor old friend, Rowan Planterose, braved the elements to come and take me to lunch at the Cricketers pub. When I go back a long way and have collaborated on a number of occasions. I suppose the two classic ones were the cross-examination in my book The Sanctuary House Case, which we did together as if it were a live case. The other, even more memorable collaboration, was Rowan playing the part of a green faced, orange haired alien from the planet Pluto, in my intergalactic arbitration teaching play, The Fisssion Chip Case, set in the year 2084, which we put on in Budapest, to test the delegates knowledge of the United Nations Model Law. He has been a very good friend to me over my professional career

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