9 January 2011

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Yesterday, I received a cuttingly sarcastic e-mail from a fellow committee member. You know what they say about sarcasm being the lowest form of wit but nevertheless it can be hurtful. My immediate response was to write back in an equally sharp manner which, of course, gets neither of us anywhere. The mature thing to do, of course, would be to respond very politely hoping to shame the original sender, even to the point, perhaps, of an apology. Ask yourself how you react to sarcasm if you have ever been victim of it. Did you take the mature route or, like me being perhaps hyper-sensitive to criticism, the immature response. I can be as cutting as the next man but frankly that is not very clever. Incidentally, the sender of this sarcastic e-mail is certainly no fan of mine and therefore most unlikely to be reading this entry but, in the unlikely event that he does read it he is probably the only person in the world knows to whom I am referring.

Speaking of nice e-mails I received an interesting comment from one of my readers in response to the point I made about finding it increasingly difficult to turn over in bed and possibly trying a nylon or silk sheet. This lady suggested I should perhaps try a silk nightshirt. A good suggestion although Alice says it would not be very warm but it would certainly be slippery. I shall investigate the possibility.

I have decided to sell my beautiful 2/3rd.size snooker table. It takes up a lot of space in my office. It has a 9′ x 6′ table tennis top just covering it and, having had it made two and three-quarter inches higher than normal, is ideal for table tennis. When the milder weather comes I hope to get into my electric wheelchair and will need more room to manoeuvre in the office.

As I say it is a modern table with square light oak legs and is, known in the trade, as triple slate, that is exactly like a full-sized professional table. The pockets are full-size, as are the balls. I don’t think it is an appropriate item to sell on eBay so I have asked son Smiler to take some photographs for me, on his next trip home, which I will send to various friends or friends of friends who might be interested. Alternatively,, if was someone in the UK who feels they might like to buy it then I could send a photograph to them. It would come complete with the scoreboard, cue rack, with a dozen cues plus the usual rests, brush and a set of snooker and pool balls, as well, of course, as the table tennis table, net bats etc.

The main restriction is that whoever buys it must have a room big enough to accommodate a 9′ x 6′ table tennis table, ideally with around 5 feet space on all sides. If anyone is interested then sent a comment on this blog entry, which will include your e-mail address, which I will not publish on the blog, but will get in touch direct.

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