17 January 2011

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Readers may recall that I sent my first ‘invention’, the ‘ Mitt Wipe’ product, off to Proctor and Gamble, Boots the Chemist and Lloyds Pharmacy, towards the end of last year to see if any of them would be interested in taking this to the market.. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the top person dealing with innovative products, in each of these companies, by my friends at Coventry University. You might recall that all three of rejected it but were kind enough to give their reasons which led me to believe, with the greatest respect, as they say, that they all misunderstood the purpose of the product. Accordingly, I spoke to each of these three very senior gentleman again, just before Christmas, and, to their credit they all agreed to reconsider the matter and to put it to one or other of the committee’s. I heard from one of the other day, I won’t say which, as it would not be fair at this stage, but the product is certainly being seriously considered by the right part of the organisation but I get the impression I should not hold my breath. Watch this space, as they say.

Paulette, an OT reader of this blog, from Somerset, telephoned me today about the Wendylett sheets with the satin centrepiece. She told me that her PCT in Somerset provides these sheets to MND patients for the very purpose I need them myself, to,  enable me to turn over more easily in bed. In fact, there are two types. One which allow you to slide,  side to side in the bed and another which allows you to both slide, side to side and up and down the bed, which in my case is important as I have to wriggle up to the end of the bed each morning before I swing my legs over the side to sit up. . Paulette has very kindly asked a colleague of hers to contact me and I am hoping to speak to her by telephone soonest and find out where these sheets can be purchased in this country. I shall have a go at my own MND team to start with, to see if they will provide them, but if there is any problem then I will buy a pair myself and report back on how efficacious I find them.

‘ Jane the sheep’ is now thankfully fully recovered and considers herself non-contagious and was therefore able to massage my hands during her short afternoon shift today.


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