20 January 2011

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I had a good night last night, no pain at all. The sporadic nature of this problem is puzzling. As I have no pain during the day the good Dr Michael does not believe it has anything to do with my bones.

He suspects that it may have something to do with  my ligaments and possibly an increase in the anti-inflammatory medication might alleviate the problem. Although it seems that perhaps the orthopaedics consultant might not now be the best person for me to see, as the wheels have been set in motion, it would be lunacy on my part, to further interfere, so I think I will let matters take their course and take it from there.

William and Daisy joined us at the Cricketers pub around 1 a.m. As I said, earlier,  neither of us had met her before so the poor girl was subjected to a series of probing questions which she fielded extremely well. She is a delightful girl and I really hope that she and William make a go of it. Michael very generously hosted the lunch and the food was excellent. When I learnt about the lunch, I had asked Trevor Oliver, Jamie’s dad, if he could kindly get a copy of Jamie’s latest book personally signed to Daisy but unfortunately Jamie was not back in time for America to personalise the book, although it was signed by him. Dear old Trevor was so sorry that he had been unable to accede to my request that he generously gifted us a copy of the book, which, of course, we gave to Daisy.

After lunch we came back to the house to have coffee with Alice, as she had been unable to join us for lunch, so the probing questions started again trying to establish friends in common. The girls got on well and I suspect we will see more of Daisy here in the future. Will and Daisy left around 4.30 so I settled myself down in my comfortable lounger chair where I remained before going to bed at 10 o’clock. To be honest I was a bit fatigued.

I got back an e-mail from Lynn, my OT, to whom I had sent the video presentation on the WendyLett sheets and associated products. She obviously has reservations about their use so I asked the distributors if they would be prepared to let me trial all four products, which I will do under Lynn’s supervision.

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