23 January 2011

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Mick left at 6.30 this morning, waving at me through my respirator and grasping my hand in farewell. I was in my study chair, shortly  after my shower,  to watch the Australian innings for the third of the ODI cricket internationals against Australia.

I had, of course, been listening overnight and heard England bowled out for 214 after 48 overs. The low score was due to a lack lustre performance by our batsmen except for Trott who ended 84 not out but sadly ran out of partners. In fact, despite England’s low score it was quite an exciting game until the last few overs of the Australian innings. In the event, they won in the 46th over with four wickets in hand. Rather like the English team the Australian batsmen failed to shine, saved only by Haddin’s 54 and David Hussey’s 70 not out. That puts the enemy three up in the series.

More dramas again with the donkey. ‘My lovely’ went out early this morning only to find  her lying down yet again and unable to stand up and eat. Despite several attempts by Alice she failed to get onto her feet after risking the possibility of Mouse falling and trapping her underneath. Unable to communicate with me, or indeed anyone else, I would have been seriously concerned for her had she not reappeared within half an hour I suppose I would have had to ring the police and the fire service but fortunately that contingency did not arise. In the event, after a number of phone calls to various friends and visits to neighbours, Alice she was unable to get  help To right the creature. It’s bad enough calling in local help to pick me up with start on the donkey as well I think we could lose friends very quickly. Clearly this cannot go on and hopefully will be resolved one way or the other when ‘Jane the vet’ comes early tomorrow morning.

My dear daughter-in-law Kimberly’s birthday today. I telephoned my congratulations but had to leave a message on the answerphone.

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