25 January 2011

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An e-mail from Mick to say that he is wretched with flu and so is son William apparently. He was obviously brewing up for it when he left here the day before yesterday and being utterly selfish I hope he was not contagious at the time. I have had a flu jab but ‘ my lovely’ has not. If she became ill I’m not quite sure what we could do,  she clearly would not be able to look after me. Would that mean I would have to  be carted off to hospital? Anyway, Alice  asked ‘Jane the sheep’s’  partner John, who is a doctor, what is the incubation period for flu, so we would know when we are in the clear. John suggests 72 hours and as I have had the flu injection it is most unlikely that I would get infected anyway.

Mouse, the donkey, had a very elegant departure from her stable  yesterday. The animal undertaker came with a smart blue ‘ horse box’ with the words Resting Donkey written on the side. The carcass was put onto a stretcher and gently lowered into this conveyance with the utmost dignity. It will take us all some time to forget ‘ dear old donk’.

Today my WendyLett sheet arrived and has been placed over the mattress. I’m really quite excited about trying this tonight to see if it really does make turning over in bed that much easier. Watch this space!

Two district nurses came today, both called Mary, to take further blood tests, prior to my visit to the orthopaedic consultant, the week after next. I must say these ladies were very efficient and very charming and I continue to be grateful for the excellent service that I’m being given by the NHS.

Great excitement today. I received a draft chapter of the fourth edition of my book, Arbitration Practice and Procedure-Interlocutory and Hearing Problems. This particular chapter was prepared by Prof Robert Merkin, one of the two contributing editors selected for this edition. I must say I was quite impressed as Robert has been faithful to my original format. It seems that they are aiming for a June publication date. I just hope I am around and in decent shape to enjoy the launch.


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