28 January 2011

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Most of yesterday morning and half of the afternoon was spent at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in the Cataract Clinic. Some two or three months ago the visiting  ophthalmist, after testing my eyes, said that there was little point in me getting new glasses until I’d had the cataract in my left eye removed. Today’s appointment was as a result of that suggestion. I went through a series of tests and measurements and then discussed the matter with the Dr and decided that on balance, my eyesight was sufficiently good at present not to take the risk of anything going wrong but having been through these preliminaries and having my details on record I was promised a fast track in the event that my eyesight severely deteriorated in the future. The point being, that with the uncertainty of my life span with MND, it might well be that I go before the eyes, so to speak. The ambulance people, on both journeys and indeed the staff in the Clinic were, as usual, charming and helpful.

It was still bitterly cold when I went out in the wheelchair to the ambulance, something like 2°C so it looks as though it will be a little while yet before I spent time outside.

The last two or three days we have changed our routine from me climbing the ramp and eating my breakfast in the conservatory, as we were finding the move from the frame to the table extremely precarious as I,  one moment have to let go of the frame and reach for the lower table. Always, in my mind was a possibility of my legs giving way and me crashing either onto the table or the floor. So we have moved my breakfast to the study which will now be our practice unless there  are other people around to assist me from the frame to the table. This certainly works well enough but it means that I spent that much longer in my study chair than before. Another door closes!

A new joke: Mexican Chilli  Cookoff ; New photographs: – Depression Era Photographs – America in colour 1939 to 1943 and a new video: Iron Mountain, Pennsylvania very few people know this place even exists

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