31 January 2011

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In a recent January entry I mentioned an unusual figure of speech,  Paraprosdokian sentences. One of my readers in the USA has sent me further examples which you may find fun to look at. When I was looking through the diary to try to locate the correct entry I was horrified to see that there was a gap between 20th and 10th of January. I checked my original Blog Diary and found that I had made entries on every one of those missing days except 14 January but they had somehow not been published on  the Blog itself.. I do hope this has not happened in the past and will obviously have to check that each entry is properly posted every day in future. I still have not sorted out the media properly and had somehow got to work out how to separate the diary text from it and just leave the media entry.

In the early evening my good and kindly friend Duncan came straight from work to tweak this laptop, Toshiba,. Satellite Pro. He copied over all the latest data, reorganised the icons and added a few more that I had previously had on my last laptop and even managed to give me the same Desktop picture that I had originally, which was not available on the new machine so that to all intents and purposes it looks and feels very much like the one I’ve been using for some time. The main difference now is that I have Vista rather then XP Professional with which I had become a familiar. I understand the reason why AbilityNet used Vista, rather than XP Professional was that Microsoft have been threatening to stop supporting that particular programme  so I shall have to get used to the differences between that and Vista. I am so lucky having such a good friend as Duncan who is always prepared to come round and sort out any little problems I might have with my computer which, of course, has become more difficult since the loss of my hands. Fortunately, as I have been using a computer for at least 25 years I am semi computer literate and can sort most problems out for myself. The main difference now is that what I was always able to do with my hands I am trying to learn to do with my voice or more exactly a combination of voice and my one splinted finger,. until such times as I lose the use of that finger altogether, when my arms give out.. Sticky keys is a great invention as it allows you to the press two or three keys in succession and have the same effect as if you were holding them all down at the same time. For an example in order to bring up the Task Manager you have to press  Ctrl,Alt & Del. Sticky keys allow you to do one after the other and achieve the same result.

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