25 February 2011

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At last the weather seems to have become more clement. Yesterday was a beautiful warm spring day and although it is not quite so sunny today it appears to be equally warm which is just as well as I am shortly to be wheeled to the Cricketers next door for lunch with some of the Arbitration Club committee members-John Tackaberry QC, Senior Vice President; John Rushton, Vice President; Tim Reynolds, Chairman; Martin Potter, Hon. Sec (together with his lovely wife Winifred). ‘My lovely’ will be joining us so it should be quite a jolly occasion. In the event it turned out as expected, a really enjoyable lunch. Trevor (Jamie Oliver’s dad) kept an eye on us and make sure that everything went smoothly. We were even able to sit outside with our coffee so that I could smoke a cigar, which is the first time I been able to do that for some months. The only slight drawback was that when I got back to the house I found I was extremely exhausted and it took a few hours before I got enough strength back in my legs and arms to be able to drag myself, on my frame, into the bedroom. Alice says that I talk  and that was the reason for my exhaustion. I have no doubt she’s right.

I heard today from the MCC that they have finally allocated my tickets for the forthcoming test matches this summer so I will shortly be able to issue invitations to my various nephews godchildren and friends. I just hope that I will still be able to manage these excursions. The first of the test matches is in June and when you live, from day to day, with MND, 3/4 months can seem light years away.

I also heard today some good news from my dear friends, the Brinton’s. They have left Dubai, to pursue their careers in the UK. Not before time as there could well be trouble to come there, not only because of the extremely financial precariousness of Dubai but also the political trouble that is presently sweeping through the Middle East.(I went out and stayed with the Brinton’s each December, for about five years, to watch the Dubai Sevens – memorable occasions, the biggest party on the planet!) I am glad they are home safe and sound. This family have a special place in my heart as Jeremy was allocated to me on the first working day of his life with my publishers, as a ‘go-fer’ (go for this, go for that) when they were publishing the first of my four books. Since that point, more than 17 years ago, his career has gone from strength to strength with his last job being CEO of Magrudy’s in Dubai, the leading and largest book chain in the UAE. We have been friends ever since and share a passion for cricket. It was at Lord’s that he introduced us to Susie, a young extremely attractive, bubbly young woman. It soon became clear to me that Jeremy was playing ‘Jack the lad’ and not taking this relationship very seriously. As it appeared obvious to me, as an older man, that they were made for each other, I became an avuncular, despite having no right to do so other than through our friendship, I warned him if he did not act soon he would lose her. I’m glad to say they have now been happily married for seven years and have produced two beautiful children.

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