2 February 2011

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I have had an entirely frustrating day today. First of all England lost the sixth of the cricket ODI’s in Australia in the last over but I have to admit it was an exciting game. Trott was again the star of the English batsmen with 137 Then I tried to come to grips with this new computer and first of all had problems with my voice activation, which after some time I only partially managed to resolve by plugging in the USB cable into a different port. Then I tried to edit my blog, using exactly the same method as previously and all I managed to do was to eliminate chunks of it, which I was fortunate to be able to recover. Maybe it’s all to do with the current programme being Vista as opposed to XP Professional but whatever it is I’m now stuck with it and will have to work out how to resolve the current problems I’m having.

Add to this the fact that my second landline has been out of order for the last two days and being hands-free is an absolutely essential piece of equipment, I feel as I’m having a really bad time. I’ve spoken to Orange who conducted some tests and it seems to have come down to the possibility that the handset itself is defective and until my son comes home, at the weekend, and I can move plugs about for me we will not be certain as to the problem. I’m sorry to be so negative that we all have those days when we wish we never even got out of bed.!

Have a look at this fantastic photographs of the famous Pulpit Mountain in Norway. If you  don’t have a head for heights don’t look!


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