7 February 2011

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The ‘Thought for the day’ on Radio Four,  early morning was basically to enjoy every day as it comes. In fact, Carpe Diem the theme of this blog. Hard on the heels of this came the news, one of the major items of which was serious consideration being given by the British Government, to opting out of the European Human Rights legislation as it fails to take into account cultural differences between one country and another. It’s almost as if the journalists and the government minister concerned had been reading my recent blog entries! I wish!!.

Tomorrow I go to Addenbrooke’s Hospital to see the orthopaedic consultant concerning the painful joints I have suffered in bed. However, since I set the wheels in motion for my appointment, some weeks ago, I have to be honest, there have been fewer incidents of such pain in bed, and none anything like so severe as that which caused me to seek the appointment in the first place. Haven’t we all been in this situation with excruciating toothache only to get to the dentist completely pain-free and almost unable to identify which tooth it was. Anyway the die is cast and I will have to take up his appointment. No doubt the consultant will expect me to summarise my general physical condition and having given some thought to it, it seems to me that my legs are getting weaker, particularly the left one, but the process seems to have slowed down. When I do my perambulations on my pulpit frame, up and down the length of the house, three times a day, I wonder each time how long I will be able to continue this exercise. It is an effort but I’m still managing. Not bad, considering last June I was told I may have do reconcile myself to being in a wheelchair from then on. Both hands are pretty useless and half curled up. My arms, although just skin and bone, have possibly plateaued as I am still able to move them about, feed myself – after a fashion – , poke the computer with my left hand in a splint and to clean my teeth with my electric toothbrush, with one arm supporting the other. The night time breathing is taken care of by the respirator and during the day, although I  blow a bit when I exert myself, I certainly don’t need any artificial intervention to breathe at this stage.

Smiler came late afternoon, to spend the night, en route to Gainsborough’s house in Sudbury for a lecture tomorrow. Always great to see him and catch up on his news and his latest finds in the gallery.

I heard today from a dear friend Nancy (Osborne)  Daughter Kate, of whom I am very fond, has opted to spend four months of her gap year in Uganda teaching young children English and other skills. Kate has been there now just over a week and has decided to run a blog for the year that she is there. She has entitled this blog Kate’s East African Adventure, the address of which is http://www.kateineastafrica.blogspot.com/ She has just posted her first entry. I commend my readers to follow Kate’s progress. She is a model daughter coming from a loving, caring and giving family. An example to all young people. I just wish there were more Kates about.

Talking of Africa I think everyone will enjoy this.
Just click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiGKWoJi5qM

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