13 February 2011

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This 6 Nations Rugby Union championship is now well underway. England played magnificently against Italy, yesterday ended with the impressive score line of 59-13 with Ashton scoring a record-break four tries. Wales had its first win after seven previous losses, against Scotland 24-8. Wales started in great style but faded in the second half and the game developed into a bit of a shambles, it  had nothing of the excitement, skill and fluency of the English game.

I have at last resolved the issue of turning over in bed and settled for a WendyLett midi.sheet. There is one which goes down three quarters of the length of the bed leaving an exposed undersheet at foot level. This enables the patient to get some friction on this undersheet a) for turning over and b)  moving up  the bed. When I first contacted Nordic Care Services, I promised I would give a fair and  and truthful report on the efficacy of their products. Having tried the two main types of sheets, both with the satin centre and nonslip sides, I have no hesitation in giving this product a 100% commendation. It really does what it was designed to do, make it much easier for a patient with weak limbs to turn over in bed.

Another  friend, John Lebus, whom we have known for many years, came round this afternoon to ‘babysit’ me while Alice went to one of her favourite antique fairs in Little Hadham. A number of these local fairs have given up this year, no doubt, due to the credit crunch people are just not spending money on frivolities, or knickknacks, as they have done in the past. John, who very sadly recently lost his wife after a prolonged illness, seems to be bearing up quite well and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours putting the world to rights.  If we’d been overheard we might have been accused of being a couple of grumpy old men. It was not so much that we were grumpy as we were concerned about the world into which our grandchildren and their children would be born  and the problems they would have to face, not  least of which might be ecological. However, I think it true to say that I was a little more optimistic than John in that I have always had confidence that the next generation will find a way of overcoming the mess that we leave for them.

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