15 February 2011

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I was hoping to resume going to the golf club, ride around, nine holes, with Griggsy in his buggy and then have lunch with my old golfing mates. Unfortunately, despite a mild sunny weekend, the weather turned significantly colder today so I have had postpone this pleasure for at least another week. I always said it I would start again  when the temperature reached double figures, so any time before the end of March might be ambitious.

I’m glad to say that I have cracked my Skype sound problem and was able to have a very pleasant conversation this morning with Paul. It is very useful swapping ideas with other MND patients who may be at a similar stage to yourself. Although, again the conversation reinforced the point, made so often, that every MND patient is different.

Last night, on my way to bed shuffling along on my pulpit frame I had another spasm in my left leg which almost caused me to collapse. This is the second such spasm within the last week and I cannot help wondering whether this is the beginning of the end of walking with my frame. I shall persevere as long as I can but am already finding it difficult occasionally to even lifting my left leg over a quarter of an inch high carpet. When that becomes a permanent problem I suppose I will then have to reconcile myself to the wheelchair.

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  • paul says:

    Hi Mark
    I also enjoyed our conversation very much, and appreciate all the hints and tips.Have been in touch with my OT concerning splints.Must look into the Dragon ,as its getting harder for me to type.Sorry to hear that you felt a little worse yesterday,strangely enough I also had day where I felt very weak particularly when attempting to stand ,but I remember in one of your earlier blogs you did mention suprisingly some days muscle strength and symptoms vary,so take heart!
    Best wishes

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