17 March 2011

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In the event, we spend a very quiet day yesterday having our celebratory champagne dinner in the evening. Smoked salmon mousse to start with, followed by one of my favourite dishes, Lamb Shank with mixed roast vegetables, and finishing with, again with one of my favourites a raspberry pannacotta. We exchanged gifts. As is our usual practice’ my lovely’ produced some small thing she had found at one of her many antique fairs, for   which I was happy to pay, and give to her. At least, this way, she gets something she really loves. Apart from a handsome bottle of lime aftershave from Trumpers, apparently my present is still in the post.

At my recent MND assessment I had suggested to the specialist physiotherapist in attendance,  that maybe it was time for another visit my local physio, Mel. She came this afternoon and seemed quite pleased with my walking and approved of the number of excursions I made, but warned that if I got exhausted I should cut down the number of times I make these walks.. One of my main problems now is that my left foot, being the weaker of the two, occasionally gets caught on the edge of a carpet, or  the very small step that I have to negotiate. Mel, came up with a solution. Apparently there are some soft material foot sprints which raise the front of the foot and she is going to try to provide a pair of these for me by next Wednesday. Incidentally, I got it wrong in my report, on  my recent assessment, when I suggested that the first lady I saw was one of Dr Chris Allen’s junior registrars.

She was apparently, a dietician but having noticed my football like stomach made no suggestions on the food front so I can only assume she was satisfied with what I am eating and drinking!

England had us all on the edge of our seats yet again in the deciding match. In the World Series cricket, against the West Indies. Having knocked up a very modest score of 244 there was doubt the minute the West Indies took the field that we were unlikely to survive, particularly as the one of the West Indian openers, Gayle, demolished the early English bowling, scoring fours and sixes with ease. It really looked as though the whole thing was a foregone conclusion. However, as they have done so many times in the past, England came back from the dead up with a flurry of wickets and won in the end  by 18 runs. It just needs Bangladesh now to be beaten by the West Indies and somehow England will have slipped in to the quarter-finals.

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