20 March 2011

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It is still incredibly cold, even for March. A severe frost overnight but rescued during the day with an azure blue sky and bright sunshine. Unfortunately it seems it may get colder again next week which might mean I shall once again be robbed of the opportunity of returning to my Tuesday visits to the geriatrics at Worlington. I really cannot risk catching cold and therefore must wait until the temperature is at least in double figures.

The new painkillers, taken against the muscle and joint pain at night, looked promising, although, of course, it is early days yet. Originally I was taking 2 75 mg Rheumatac Retard tablets (Diclofenac Sodium M/R) together with 1 10 mg Omeptazale (Gastric Resistant Capsule) +1000 MG of paracetamol, which, surprisingly, were not very effective. I have now added 1 500 mg Naproxen and the early indications are that this combination is affective. However, I will report back after a week or so in case this is helpful to other MND patients who also suffer from muscular and joint pains in bed at night.

A truly sporting weekend. Four matches in the World Series cricket and the final three games in the Six Nations Championship in rugby. Being an unashamed anglophile I will only comment on those games which affected England and, what’s more, only on the two sports being played that really interest me. Apologies to the football, rugby league and other fans who saw their games as even more important than those I mention.

In the cricket Bangladesh were severely thrashed by South Africa who scored a modest 244 runs fot 8 wickets, but even this was far too good for Bangladesh who were all out for 78. This puts South Africa as head of their group and has ensured England’s place in the quarter-finals. In the rugby England needed only to beat Ireland to take the Grand Slam. To our shame we were beaten once again by Ireland (24-8). First cricket, now rugby, what is the world coming to!? This defeat robbed England of the Grand Slam-not having beaten all five of the other teams, but also of the Three Nations cup-wins – which would have been won by defeating Scotland, Ireland and Wales but still left them overall winners of the championship. With Italy’s defeat by Scotland it left them bottom of the championship table and therefore winners of the ‘wooden spoon’.. T piece of trivia that was mentioned during the commentary was the origin of the wooden spoon was what was awarded to the student who scored the lowest marks in the maths final examination in Cambridge in the 16th century.

To take the stress out of your day sit back and enjoy and hopefully your stress will vanish – To watch the fountain, click on the link below.
It was done by the same people who did the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.

When it starts, click the “full screen button” at the bottom right of the “small screen” next to the time of the video (4 minutes).

Be patient and wait for the fountain to do its thing, and listen to the gorgeous duet performed by Andre Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.


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