21 March 2011

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A full day to start the week. Charlie Danger. A consultant to Ability Net, came to give me my last training session in voice activation. This time we cracked the question of adding media to the blog which was one of the main purposes of the training in the first place. The problem has been, however, that with the three different laptops, three different operating systems invariably the Voice Commands are slightly different each time making the whole process convoluted and more complex. In the event, the session went extremely well and Charlie was very helpful in finding ways around some of the more difficult problems which I face. All I have to do now is to be a good boy and follow his written directions and not to lose patience and resort to using my one remaining finger!

Looking at the bigger picture the situation in Japan is still extremely serious following the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. The confirmed death toll today exceeds 8,000 with several thousand more missing. As if that was not enough, everyone is holding their breath about the possibility of the nuclear reactors overheating and exploding and thus emitting radiation into the atmosphere. With several million people living in Tokyo only 150 miles away there is obviously a great deal of apprehension about the whole business. Most expatriates have already been shipped out.

I have just received a copy of the report following my recent assessment at Addenbrookes. I must say it was a very comprehensive summary of all aspects of my present condition, which is circulated to my GP and other interested parties. Jo also included a copy of a Living Will which I had discussed in detail with the MND coordinator, Jo,, on my recent visit, so that in the event of a crisis that leaves me unable to communicate, my personal wishes are respected. Basically, if I am a vegetable unable to speak or communicate in any other way and breathe without invasive surgery, then I would far rather fade away at home.

In times of stress you soon find out who your true friends are. So I have added an anecdote which I call Honestly, Humility and True Friendship. Click Seeds and read it for yourself

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