23 March 2011

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Budget Day. The first for the new Conservative government. I feel for the Chancellor of yhe Exchequer. He finds himself between a ‘rock and a hard place’. The Labour government left him with an enormous debt. (See 19 January 2011 entry) Added to which he has the continuing drain on our resources for the war in Afghanistan, the new Libya crisis reputedly (costing us 2 million pounds per day-and for how long?) plus the spectre of Portugal’s economy collapsing and needing support from the EU, our share of which, despite not being deemed the Euro camp, apparently will be around £3 Billion. In the light of this scenario the Chancellor had to craft a budget for growth, albeit slow and steady. The objective being to get this country out of the mess it’s in. by the time of the next General Election, four years hence. Don’t hold your breath!

Jane’ the sheep’ came as usual, massaged my hands and stretched my arms. After which we looked at the solicitor’s defence on behalf of the dentist about whom. I have complained. (See 26 July.entry) We cannot really prepare comments on this until we receive the attachments which apparently will be with us. by the weekend The defence was, as one might expect, a denial all allegations, although in fact, I only made one substantive complaint and that was the dentist failed to de-scale my teeth but charged me for doing so, which I suggested at the time, might be considered fraudulent and thus complained. My purpose. In pursuing this, at the time, was not so much on my behalf as I am articulate and able to defend myself in such situations, but more for the less articulate you might be intimidated by the professional and accept what he was told or treatment that he received, without complaint or comment. The complaint process at the General Dental Council grinds very slowly as the best part of the year has gone by since the original complaint.

On the medical front I should report that the new regime of painkillers has lessened the discomfort, in bed at night, but not completely eliminated it. Talking of bed, I got into a bit of a panic last night as I could not turn over, at least, it took me a great deal of effort and time to do so. Lying there in the middle of the night I realised that if anything happened to ‘my lovely’, and God forbid it does, for example, she leaps out of bed to quickly slips, bangs her head and knocks herself unconscious, or, most unlikely. I agree, has a heart attack or a stroke, I would be totally helpless and unable to attract anyone’s attention and unless there was someone to come and check us out by could lie there for a day or two. I realise that this is an entirely unlikely scenario, but nevertheless, if the possibility exists, we should have some contingency plan in place just, in case. I have the assessment for continuing NHS care, tomorrow afternoon, and will discuss this with the assessor. Whilst on medical matters, I should mention that the Otravine spray for the nurse has proved to be utterly useless and we have now stopped it, try the alternative from a couple of days time.

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