26 March 2011

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|Another uncomfortable night. At three o’clock this morning I had another 10 min struggle trying to turn over. It is a very unpleasant feeling to be stuck and too weak to turn. Maybe when we get a satin top sheet. It will get a little easier. I seem to be dreaming quite a lot these days. Most of them could be classified as anxiety dreams. Not seriously anxious, just late for something or just lost and unable to find my way, and so on. Last night I can’t remember precisely what the dream was all about but I clearly recall realising that I was able to walk at quite a crisp pace across the countryside and being surprised at my own mobility.

We started today on the last of the nose sprays. we have been recommended to try.If ihis one doesn’t do the trick,. after a week or so I’m going to make an urgent request for a consultation with a senior ENT man. The runny nose is really very debilitating particularly with my weak arms finding it difficult to raise a hanky every few minutes.

The day did not improve by watching England in the quarter-finals of the World Series Cricket in Colombo.

They were annihilated by Sri Lanka and no doubt will pack their bags tomorrow and come home.A very disappointing match after the way England has managed to scrape its way home through some of the more exciting contests of this World Cup.

To cheer up for my readers. I include two new jokes, both politically incorrect! Paddy and Mick and Never Mess with an Australian Woman .

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