27 March 2011

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After doing my blog and dealing with my e-mails. I spent most of the day working on my reply to the defence from the dentist about whom I complained previously. (See 12 July 2010 entry). The General Dental Council have taken all this time to get the case to a hearing.. Heaven knows why, except I suppose, being fair, the dentist could be found ‘to be unfit to practice’, as to my mind, he made a fraudulent claim, i.e. he claimed and charged me for carrying out descaling whereas he clearly had done nothing of the sort. I obviously have to be very careful at this stage, in what I say, as the matter is sub judice.

I’m still trying to find out just how hearing is conducted and exactly what comprises the tribunal. I was told yesterday that there were that there is a panel of five people, two dental practitioners, a hygienist and two lay member and I am also told that the whole proceedings are carried out in accordance with the laws of England. Having said that the process is carried out on documents only, so it is very important to get these right and cover all the points that one wishes to make. I have acted as an arbitrator in well over 200 cases on documents only and in a few instances found it necessary to go back to the parties to ask some subsidiary questions. T No doubt, this will be the case here, if the panel, which I gather is called the investigating committee, considers it necessary

My readers might wonder why I’m bothering over such a relatively small matter. It certainly has nothing to do with the chargers extracted from me -they were, in any event, minimal. Readers may recall that I said previously that my main reason for pursuing this is that I have always fought injustice, not just for myself but also for others, less capable than myself.. In this case for elderly. perhaps disabled persons, who are less articulate than.I am who would not dream of challenging a professional man.. Someone has to champion their cause is so they do not get taken advantage of.

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